Kinkaid School Houston (USA)

USA distributor Stagelight specified the Montano 3C suspended pendant house light for a theatre overhaul at Kinkaid School. InnovationLED solved their problem of having a unified general lighting system that could also be used to provide low level backstage illumination during performances.

To achieve this goal, Innovation LED produced a semi-custom version of their versatile circular Montano luminaire. One of the 3 individual cells of each fitting was produced with a blue LED engine as opposed to the standard white and the fixture assigned two individual DMX channels : the result–high power white work light illumination, available through one DMX channel with the possibility of selecting low level “blues” background lightning during performances from the same fixture using the second channel of control. Clever thinking.

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Venue: Kinkaid School Houston

Location: Houston, Texas, United States of America

Distributor: Stagelight

Products Used

Montano 3C

High intensity configurable house light system