Espace Louis Vuitton (Tokyo Japan)

Illuminated in the space-specific site in Tokyo, towering above visitors and traversing the space between the floor and ceiling of the Espace Louis Vuitton are monumental pieces of artwork by internationally-renowned Japanese artist Mariko Mori. a triptych of luminous spirals that metaphorically reflect the never ending circulation of life and death.

Mariko Innovation LED

InnovationLED lights, personally chosen by the artist herself, corkscrew around the form changing chroma, changing through hues of blues, purples, and cyan based on nearby movement, activated by real-time monitors. that interface with visitors as they approach.

Mariko Innovation LED

Mariko Mori Studio chose the InnovationLED Ilumo Luminaire which was supplied through their Japanese distributor PC Lights.

Mariko Innovation LED

Venue: Espace Louis Vuitton

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Designer: Mariko Mori Studio

Distributor: PC Lights

Project Link: PC Lights

Products Used

Ilumo PAR Zoom XL

Professional motorised zoom LED luminaire