CDL Headquarters Stockport (UK)

Insurance software house, CDL, recently completed the construction of “Codeworks”, a 30,000 sq ft office building accommodating the company’s growing workforce at their Stockport campus. As part of this new build, CDL invited Graphic Arts & Design students from University Centre Stockport College, to enter a competition to create a concept for the building’s glass atrium. At the core of the design specification, competitors were required to represent ‘digital data’ – the foundation of CDL’s business.

The winning design, large arrays of coloured acrylic light boxes spanning three floors of the atrium, light up when triggered by people as they pass by, reflecting the fluid, transient notion of data continually on the move, both through the building and through our digitally dominated lives.

InnovationLED were selected to convert design into reality by designing and fabricating more than 1000 bespoke LED modules with associated control gear to bring the concept to life. PIR motion detectors positioned throughout the atrium triggered sequences covering 300 control channels stored within the bespoke LED drivers.

Venue: CDL Codeworks

Location: Stockport UK

Project Link: CDL

Products Used

Complete custom LED lighting solution

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