About InnovationLED


We are global experts in LED lighting technology.

Global experts in solid state lighting technology, InnovationLED offer a range of standard products across a range of industries in addition to custom designed solutions to client’s exact specifications.

Being vertically integrated, all mechanical and electronic design, product software and production is carried out at our facility in the UK using the latest tools and quality control processes.

Renowned throughout professional applications, our class leading calibrated colour control technologies enable us to deliver consistent full colour spectrum products in addition to tuneable white and fixed white solutions all with dimming characteristics of traditional incandescent lighting.

Our LED Lighting Technology

Developed in-house and refined over the last 10 years, Innovation LED has world leading colour calibration technology for all areas of solid state lighting. Luminaires utilising coloured LEDs inherently suffer significant product to product optical variation due to tolerance in component supplies.

Sophisticated software present in all our light engines coupled with optical data recorded during manufacture enables the end user to accurately control the characteristics of light emitted from the luminaire without any fixture to fixture variation. This technology is also utilised in a range of our white colour temperature tuneable products.

With the “colour-match” technology, found exclusively in our Ilumo range of professional luminaires , we are the only manufacturer to offer the ability to adjust the chromaticity of the three primary control channels used in RGB colour mixing.

We also have extensive expertise in control technologies including DMX, RDM, Dali, Ethernet and wireless protocols.


Key Personnel

Technical Director—Dr. James Powell, Ph. D.

After 10 years of research into ground-breaking solid state laser systems for entertainment and medical applications, Dr James Powell turned his talents towards designing improvements and innovations in the world of intelligent lighting. The result, after years of research and development, is a new range of programmable, high powered, energy efficient lighting offering a wide range of solutions to the architectural, theatre, television, and stage industries.

Head of Production—Sarah Treadgold

Following a career in medical electronics, Sarah Treadgold entered the field of lighting eleven years ago. Vastly experienced in both volume production and specialist assembly, IPC certified Sarah is a safe pair of hands as InnovationLED’s Head of Production.